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Space product assurance

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Title:Space product assurance
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Czech flag on the Moon and our products and services on every continent. Our mission is to make Czech Republic one of the prime countries within the space industry.The company was founded with the sole purpose to bring together the best experts, engineers and scientists in Czech Republic and work on great things.

We also have our own products which we sell worldwide.
We connect industry, academia and science centres not only from CZ but also from other countries in central and eastern Europe.
We are partnering for one common goal: to collect geological data and uncover the unknown about the Moon surface and subsurface. Results of such a joint work will land on the Moon together with Czech flag. The flag is a symbol representing the fact that countries from central and eastern Europe can do great missions and be part of the space first league.

What are we working on right now?

We work on two EO satellites and one Moon probe. We have hyperspectral camera, Lidar, SAR and a new generation of laser-based communication platform in development. We try to get to the bottom of quantum encrypting. We digitize agriculture by using a stratospheric platform using Al data processing. We 3D print satellite structures. And that is just a small example of what we do!

What would your job look like?
- You will participate on project and supplier reviews including review of data packs, submission of review item discrepancies and supporting the engineering teams in determining an appropriate review outcome;
- You will process supplier Major Non-Conformances and participate in supplier Major non-conformance review boards ensuring effective and appropriate resolution of the issues;
- You perform audits and reviews (processes, materials, design, manufacturing, testing, qualification) both with suppliers and customers;
- You will be responsible of writing and releasing quality documentation in accordance with project quality requirements;
- You will evaluate the materials for use on Space Projects;
- You will review and approve project documentation (including drawings);
- You will be responsible for managing Deviation Handling (Non-conformance reports and Request for Deviation/Waivers);
- You will be responsible for quality control and follow-up /including quality inspection of hardware on arrival, during production, integration and testing and prior to delivery);
- You will be responsible for cleanliness and contamination control, certificates and protocols control;
- You will define PA/QA requirements;
- You will perform inspection of supplier hardware as needed, involving review of documentation, general verification of the build status and overall inspection;
- You will perform Incoming/Outcoming Inspections;
- You will participate in integration and test campaigns.

What do we expect from you?
- At least 3 years of experience in product assurance;
- Proven flight heritage;
- Previous experience with ESA or other agency projects;
- Ability to plan, schedule, coordinate and problem solve effectively;
- Ability to prepare technical documentation and reports;
- Fluent English;
- Passion for Space;
- Willingness to travel;
- Courage to accept responsibility and make decisions.

What can you expect from us?
- Full time contact and flexible working hours;
- Relocation to Brno;
- Meaningful benefits;
- Bar with draft beer, tasty coffee, homemade cookies and BBQ all the time;
- Fairness, transparency, responsibility, freedom and full trust;
- Group of great people who dare to take risks, are humble, playful, and are not afraid of experiments;
- English lessons with native speaker and other opportunities for further education;
- Phone contract including iPhone (we have Android choice, too);
Projects which are beyond belief and customers from Europe, Africa, America and Asia

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.


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